Special thanks to who say OK to uploading photos of my painted items.


July- 29- 2006

Gallery 1   Gallery 2 Gallery 3
Designed by
Atsuko Sato
Designed by
Milly Smith
Designed by
Jo Sonja
Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6
Designed by
Jean Myers & Shirley Wilson
Bauernmalerei Designed by
Scottie Foster & Atsuko Sato
Designs from
cards & calendars
Gallery 7 Gallery 8 Gallery 9
Acchanderft by Atsuko Sato Rosemaling Designed by Chigusa Mochizuki
Gallery 10 Gallery 11 Gallery 12
Shop Sign Boards Hindeloopen Christmas Items
Gallery 13 Gallery 14 Gallery 15
Designed By Gail Anderson Designed by Noriko Okamoto Comimg soon !!